I can’t wait to get this book in the mail this week! The official release is Jan. 13 but you can preorder at and Barnes and Noble.

You know when you discover something and you just know in your gut that it’s going to be a big hit? It’s so amazing and you just can’t wait to share it with other people and you feel so cool for finding it before it becomes all the rage. I have felt that way twice in my life so far; the first time was in college when I heard Michael Buble on David Foster’s online radio. The second time was a little less than a year ago when I got to read a draft of my friend Adrienne’s book. She was preparing to send it to publishers and I knew someone would snatch it up, and if they didn’t then the publishing world was just plain stupid.

But of course publishers wanted it and now in just a few short days I will hold the real thing, all bound and with cover art, in my hand.  If you like to read, or if you have ever read anything in your life, even if it was just a street sign, you should read this book. In fact, if you have a pulse you should read this book. I feel confident saying that without even having read the final draft. The revisions and edits of the last year can only have improved upon an already unique and engaging story. Go here to find out more about the book.

Then go here to find out more about the author. You will love the book all the more after you find out how witty, adventurous, and real she is. She is the one that inspired me to start a book blog and gave my confidence the nudge it needed to actually do it. So it’s only fitting that her book is the first to be reviewed. I’ll hold off posting my official review until I have actually read the published  copy, but spoiler alert – it’s gonna be a positive one.


4 thoughts on “Eruption

  1. How exciting! Both the book release and your blog. I happen to have a BN giftcard, and now I have something to use it on.

    Can I make a book review request? I know The Little Prince is your favorite. I read it several years ago and totally didn’t get it. I just didn’t see what everyone loves so much. I would like to read it again, and would love some input from you on what to look for. I’m sure it was just me.


    • You are in luck! I actually have already started typing a review for The Little Prince. It’s a tricky one for me with it being one of my favorite all time books and it’s not necessarily a simply one to describe. But getting a request from you gives me greater motivation to keep working on it. I can’t wait to hear what you think about Eruption! We will have to chat about it when you read it. We really need to chat about this amazingly good-looking baby you have too.


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